Welcoming This Week’s Laid Back Vibes

Welcoming This Week’s Laid Back Vibes

It’s been a very relaxing week; I haven’t quite been in the mindset to sit down and write just about anything (until now). I’ve really been relishing slowly easing back into my regular routine, especially with work, after my time off.

I did do something on Thursday I haven’t done in quite in a while that is an excellent creativity booster. I stopped on my way into work in one of my favorite coffee shops and ordered myself a white chocolate mocha and wrote in my journal for about 15 minutes before getting back in my car and finishing the rest of my commute. There is just something so wonderful about doing something just for myself before my ‘real’ day gets going and the responsibilities start pouring in.

Last year in the winter and early spring, I would do this twice a week without fail. I haven’t been as committed to my own personal pen and paper journaling as I was back then with the amount of other cool writing projects I am doing (the fruits of which you can see here and here from just this week) and also not being quite as diligent about waking up earlier to be able to take that time to myself. Still even if just for 15 minutes, it felt so good to be there.

I also capped off my workday by spending another 20 minutes or so at the coffee shop across from my office. I was waiting to meet up with some friends and instead of just sitting at my desk, endlessly refreshing my email as I have been want to do sometimes, I went across the street, ordered a coffee and sat in one of the most extremely comfortable chairs you will ever sit in and just enjoyed myself. That’s what I mean by slowly easing into my regular routine. Even though a quick peek at my calendar for next week is already revealing a bit more activity than this week, I am hopeful that some of these moments that brought me calm and peaceful enjoyment this week will be repeated next week. After all it is up to me to tame the chaos and find my sanity (err, I mean serenity) in it all.

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