The Week’s Highs and Lows

The Week’s Highs and Lows

I wasn’t sure I was going to feel up to writing anything this entire week. It’s been rather stressful since my health issues started cropping up again. I began the week in the hospitals digestive health department  for my two month follow-up. While I was improving steadily for about a month, the last three weeks have been riddled with setbacks and unfortunately my doctor has more questions than answers at this point which is beyond stressful. I’m due back early Monday morning for another test and I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that my symptoms will begin to fade once again just as they had started to do so a few weeks ago.

In the work department, it has been a fairly manageable week. I have been extremely drained from dealing with my health issues and although I made it into work every single day and did everything I needed to do, I didn’t feel like my usual chipper self. I started a new medication and one of the side effects is drowsiness, and now that I don’t drink any coffee, boy did I feel sleepy. At times I felt as if I was talking in slow motion even though I logically knew that wasn’t the case. Everything felt 10X harder than usual. I even kept putting off making my lesson plan for my Thursday class and ended up doing it after dinner late Wednesday evening because I couldn’t quite get into the right head space for it.

Thursday was by far my longest day this week. I was at work for over 12 hours since I taught in the morning and then had to stay in the evening to administer an exam to my students from 7-9 PM. Worse; I started feeling some of the chest tightness and pressure in my neck as I was heading into my second hour of teaching which was not ideal. Usually I am in the zone, completely out of my own head and body but I guess the symptoms were just too powerful. I managed to get through it but it wasn’t the usual pleasant teaching experience I have become accustomed to.

The saving grace this week has been taking a vacation day yesterday to attend my husband’s cousins wedding. At first I was skeptical about leaving work early this week because of my teaching responsibilities and how much I still have left to do in lab. Plus with not feeling well I wasn’t exactly looking forward to an almost three hour car drive and being away from home for an entire day. I knew I was going to go but it wasn’t until the wedding actually started that I was extremely glad that I managed to get through the earlier part of the day and attend.

I had such a lovely time at the wedding. The ceremony and reception were held at a banquet hall and everything was just perfect. The bride looked so beautiful and she and the groom just seemed so completely happy, it was infectious. Getting to catch up with people I hadn’t seen in a while was also a great bonus. I especially enjoyed seeing my husband so happy interacting with family. Seeing him having a good time is such a joy and I am very grateful that we ended up going because it turned out to be an absolutely wonderful time.

This morning we woke up late in our hotel room after having an uncharacteristically great night of sleep (I usually don’t sleep well in hotels). The day has felt nice and long even with a three hour drive back to our home. I watched a little TV once we got in and then took an hour and a half long nap which was just perfect. I managed to spend some time sitting on my porch swing as well watching my husband mow our lawn while I leafed through a magazine.

With the exception of some of my symptoms making my evening not quite as relaxing as it could have been, it has been a great day. I’m doing my best to keep my spirits up though, as tomorrow is still the weekend and I have an autumn fun list that isn’t going to check off itself.

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