Valentine’s Day Celebration Tips for Busy, Overworked Professionals

Valentine’s Day Celebration Tips for Busy, Overworked Professionals

No one wants to miss out on spending Valentine’s Day with their partner. But professional commitments often come in your way to disturb this most special of date nights. I’m not even going to be home until late in the evening tomorrow as I’m hosting a speaker at our University and will be dining with them in lieu of spending time with my husband.

Even with a very full Wednesday ahead, there are some tips I plan on using to wave in a bit of romance, while moving the actual celebration for later this week when I won’t be as swamped at work!

Read below for some tips and ideas that will help you achieve your romance and happiness even in small does on Valentine’s day.

Adjust your working hours for the day

No, we are not asking you to take a half-day or work lesser hours. You could start off your day earlier than usual which would then allow you to leave earlier too. Another option would be ask for an extended lunch break, go out for a nice, quick lunch date with your partner and make up for the time by working an hour or two more after the usual office hours.

Stretch the day to a week

While it may be tough to find time on one particular day, you can help your cause by making it a Valentine’s Week. You can start showering gifts on your partner well before Valentine’s Day arrives. Go out for a romantic dinner on a day both you and your partner have some time to spare. So if you miss out on the D-day, your partner would probably not moan about it seeing your love for him/her in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day.

Go out for a stroll

Nothing beats the charm of a simple, hand in hand walk with your partner. So if you don’t manage to sneak out from office early enough to go for a dinner date, a late night walk is your next best option. Pick up an ice cream cone for both of you along the way to put the icing on the cake.

The concepts of work-life balance and balanced living are often easily overlooked. But bear in mind that it is as important to spend Valentine’s Day with your partner as it is to be professional in your work approach. You can always make it up to him or her if all else fails in a more intimate way. I’m sure they would prefer that over all the chocolate-coated candy hearts in the world. I almost guarantee it 😉



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