Time is Always Available – You Just Have to Know Where to Look

Time is Always Available – You Just Have to Know Where to Look

I think I finally have adjusted to the time change brought on by daylight savings time. It’s great to leave work at the end of the day and still have it be light out. The whole evening is full of possibilities rather than just having a few hours to myself before I have to sleep.

This weekend was not particularly restful but was illuminating in one key aspect. I found myself bemoaning on Saturday morning everything that I was going to have to get done during the weekend. Last week was a good and productive week but with very little downtime although that was of mostly of my choosing precisely because of everything I was working on. Still, all choices have consequences, which was why I was so tired on Saturday and Sunday. Waking up and feeling like there wasn’t enough time to successfully complete all the tasks on my to-do list, including going to work for a while to finish up a project, and take a nap and just lounge about (relaxation is always on my to-do list)! My waking hours just didn’t seem like they were going to cut it and indeed I was out of my house running errands and working for a good six hours on Saturday afternoon and early evening. When I got home, I still was planning on making dinner and getting to some chores, so by the time I was truly done it was about 9:30. I started to read some articles online and that’s when I randomly discovered the roomsketcher website.

This website allows you to play architect/interior designer and design houses. Finding this site was like hitting a gold mine because one of my favorite ways to pass the time as a kid was to draw blueprints of houses, using my imagination to come up with a story for who lived there and why they needed a study and a library. I proceeded to spend the next three hours designing a house from the ground up. Three hours! I was fully immersed in a state of flow and it wasn’t until my eyes started burning that I realized it was probably time to call it a night. The next day I realized that if I had found the website earlier in the day, I would have likely been as equally mesmerized and found a way to spend ample time constructing an awesome looking laundry room (see accompanying picture). It’s the same way when I start reading a really good book, and the hours blend into one another, regardless of how much laundry I still have left to do (of my non-imaginary clothes). The mental narrative I started my day off with was more glass half empty trying to figure out just how I was going to manage to fit everything into a single weekend, but anyone who can spend three hours playing architect online, video games, on social media or reading has way more time on their hands than they realize. It just takes a mental shift to find it and make good use of it.

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