Thinking Beyond Siri – Virtual Assistants for the Modern Professional

Thinking Beyond Siri – Virtual Assistants for the Modern Professional

Looking for someone (or something) to invigorate your daily tasks, transforming you into the ultimate productivity master? Something that knows your routine, everyday chores and sketches an itinerary? The answer to the aforementioned is a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant is not only a great help to busy professionals but an oh so useful life hack. Ranging over an informative Siri to a friendly GTalk to an entertaining Pandora Box, it always has a specific niche in the 21st century. These are a few assistants that can be used by various busy professionals:

  • Advertising and Media personnel- If you are into this field and are too busy to schedule your timetable, a virtual assistant service or a functional app can do that for you. From customizing your templates to placing media promotions or to monitor campaigns-it can do it all! You just have to instruct as per the criteria.
  • Traveling Agency -Always on the go? No matter where you are in the world you can straightaway ease the burden of booking and managing travel. Using a virtual assistant would carry that issue for you.
  • Blog writer – Wouldn’t it be great if all your research, social networking and blog management could be administered right on your platform. It can automate posting of blogs or random templates in Google sheets that could be quite useful in decreasing the amount of time spent on administrative tasks.

With all of these you can effortlessly enjoy the gift of advanced science. All you have to do is hire a virtual assistant, and it will adapt to you immediately. You can manage your workload, plan whatever you require for work and your personal life and avail yourself  of the benefits of artificial intelligence.

However, on the downside, you might see that the entire functionality is limited on a note; there are always certain things that require manual monitoring that virtual assistance simply cannot provide. Also, some of these services can be expensive at times particularly if you are a starting up as a professional. Have you ever hired a virtual assistant? If so, was it as helpful as you hoped it might be?

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