The Only Morning Routine You Need – Minus 5 AM Wake Ups

The Only Morning Routine You Need – Minus 5 AM Wake Ups

If you spend enough time reading productivity literature on the internet, you will come across articles like the 8 Things Entrepreneurs do Before Breakfast, or 10 Life Hacks to Tame Morning Chaos. The majority of the time when I read these articles, I get a sense that my life is not quite measuring up, and if only I were to wake up even earlier, have some kale and spinach green juice, and start training for my 5K, I simply am not a success. The reality is though that even though the individual habits might change (orange juice, not kale juice), experiencing your morning, rather than just drudging through it, really can provide a wonderful boost to your mood that can last for a better part of the day. I try to follow a simple routine that helps me to transition into my workday, feeling rested and ready to tackle on the day.

1. Wake up without hitting snooze. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to not repeatedly hit the snooze button, it will just end up making you feel more groggy. Go to bed slightly earlier if you find yourself unable to wake up fully with the first ring of your alarm.

2.Drink something. My go-to drink in the morning is coffee, which I make straight away after putting on clothes, and brushing my teeth. I try to have a cup at home, and then one in a travel mug for the road. I also like to read a magazine, or read articles on my phone while I drink my coffee at home.

3.Eat something. This one I will admit is not always easy, but I manage most days of the week to have a breakfast sandwich or a couple of hard-boiled eggs for breakfast, or a banana. If I have more time, or was feeling extra motivated the night before, I will pack fruit (grapes, blueberries, strawberries) along with some cottage cheese to eat at work mid-morning.

4.Get Moving. Doing something healthy right away really energizes me, and makes me more conscious throughout the entire day about what I am eating, or how long I have been sitting. I typically do about 30 minutes of cardio at the gym three times a week. Exercise time is an appointment I have with myself for both my short-term and long-term well being. If you walk your dogs, strike a plank pose, or do some yard work right away, you are already starting your day on the right foot.

Is there anything that helps you avoid chaos and find peace and balance in your mornings?

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