The Lost Week

The Lost Week

I’m so happy! It’s finally Friday and my three day weekend is here. I will be doing a belated birthday celebration at the aquatic center tomorrow followed by dinner with my husband. Sunday I’m off to my husband’s family reunion for some good ol’ catching up with a potluck picnic (I love tasting everyone’s dishes). I’ll get back in the late afternoon and will play my first softball game in over a month. We have had several bye weeks and due to traveling and inclement weather have had other games canceled. I am curious to see if my training sessions will translate to actual successful hitting and fielding, as I have yet to make an actual hit that didn’t immediately turn into an out. Fingers crossed.

More than anything else this weekend, I am looking forward to spending three whole days with my husband. This week we have been fortunate to spend more time together than usual as he had two days off in the middle of the week in addition to the time off he is taking this weekend for the family reunion. Sadly, I really haven’t felt quite like myself this week so it hasn’t really felt much like our time together has been quality time. I was so out of it last night that I went to bed extra early which I rarely do. I am hoping that after a good night’s sleep tonight (sleep cycles will be involved, more on that next week), I can muster some energy so we can actually enjoy each other’s company, rather than just sit next to each other while he plays video games and I read or scroll through my phone.

Truly this has felt like a lost week. Everything has been more of a struggle than usual. Last week, I thought my lack of motivation was mostly due to the heat and the type of work I have been doing lately on the microscope which is very tedious and time-consuming. This week the weather has been way nicer, and while I’m still doing the same work mostly, I have felt more motivated and upbeat during the day. It’s the evenings that are getting to me. I have felt more tired than usual, and haven’t done many of my usual things like cooking. In fact, I haven’t made a single meal in my house this entire week. Even tonight we ended up ordering pizza. On one hand, with my husband home at night, he has been cooking since it’s been nice and he especially wanted to take out the grill and make some tri-tip, his favorite. Even if I don’t cook for some reason, I am usually extremely diligent about packing lunches and having all sorts of healthy snacks in the fridge, portioned and ready to be eaten. None of that has happened this week. My husband did buy groceries on Wednesday and for some reason made another trip to the store on Thursday but he somehow ended up with mostly hot dogs, buns and beer, not exactly the kind of fare that makes one feel better in the long run.

So yeah, I feel pretty sluggish to the point where on my drive home I couldn’t remember whether I had even worked all week and whether my birthday was really just a few days ago. I think in my case Newton’s first law of motion really applies. I have been much more sedentary (I’m on the microscope for literally hours and hours every day) and it’s been hard to overcome the inertia. I don’t want to just do random things for the sake of it, that’s the antithesis of balanced living after all, but I am hoping that the fun activities I have planned this weekend will get the ball rolling in the right direction so I can at least make some dinner again soon as I don’t think I can eat another hot dog.

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