The 30 Minute Partner Chore Challenge

The 30 Minute Partner Chore Challenge

Note: This is Part III in Husband’s POV Series: Support Your Spouse for Better Balance Together.  Check out Part I and Part II.

My wife and I lead pretty busy lives. I’ve a full-time job that requires a lot of physical activity that leaves me quite drained. At home I have a garden to attend, a lawn to mow, gutters to clean and various other duties that simply cannot be ignored. Most of it is outdoors, though there are a few screws to be turned inside the house. My wife, by contrast, has a full-time position as a researcher and does most of the in-house work. Little of what she does is physically taxing in the same way my work is, though it’s obvious to me she has a nuclear reactor powering her brain for all the things floating around her head.

Unfortunately – or fortunately for me – there are more indoor chores to take care of around the home. That means the majority of the housework falls on her shoulders. Part of that is simply due to my varying schedule. Part of that is simply that we fell into doing certain chores. Another part of it is that she simply “sees” more to do than I do. Frankly, I have been quite happy with this arrangement since I detest housework, finding it tedious and unrewarding.

That’s a long way to go about saying she does way more than I do. You see, I only have to mow about once a week. The gutters only need to be cleaned once or twice a year, and I have already turned most of the screws that needed turning. Sadly, this put a rather undue burden on my wife that I, like a blockhead, failed to see until recently.

Having said all this, I have since embarked on a crusade ease her burden somewhat, taking on responsibilities I had previously left to her. Bill paying is now something I do with greater frequency. Since my work schedule frequently leaves me time to take care of things early in the day I have made efforts to set aside a few minutes (about thirty) to do one or two chores. A load of laundry, cleaning the kitchen or bathroom floor, vacuuming are among those things. Really, it isn’t that much. It is, however, enough to ease her burden, mentally and physically, to make a difference.

She still does more than I do around the house. She “sees” more of what needs to be done than I do. But the point was never to do the same amount of work. The point was to make her life just a little less stressful.

Since I began my little crusade I have seen a more cheerful wife, a wife with more energy and less stress, a happier wife who knows she doesn’t have to do everything. That makes me a happier man, a happier husband, and it satisfies me greatly to contribute to her happiness. And it was all for the low cost of thirty minutes a day.

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