Teaching, Flow and a Bittersweet Back to School

Teaching, Flow and a Bittersweet Back to School

This week marked new beginnings and sad endings. It was the first week of the fall semester, a time where the pace of life ramps up significantly. I am teaching for the first time and experienced what it is like to be on the other side of the classroom, giving the lecture. It was a fascinating experience.

I teach multiple sections of the same class back to back, so for about three hours I was completely immersed in my students and first day of class material. After so many years in college, it was incredible to have this level of responsibility, even if a bit daunting. I was 100% in a state of flow the entire time I was teaching which was my absolute favorite part. Being able to completely disconnect from everything else going on in my life for that long was fantastic, a form of therapy unlike any I have ever experienced.

While I was nervous, I quickly eased into classroom management mode, and never looked back. Even holding office hours was a bit of a thrill as some of my students who are mostly freshman came to see me to get help with study skills and easing into college level studies. I have always enjoyed the mentorship aspect of higher education, so that was especially satisfying, and I look forward to being a resource for my students as they navigate their first year at university.

The excitement and nervousness at the prospect of teaching for the first time were not the only feelings that permeated this week. My heart was heavy for a good portion of this week as my grandmother passed away last week from complications from pancreatitis after close to two months in the ICU. My parents were by her side, and she did not appear to suffer which I am extremely grateful for.

With my ongoing health struggles and the difficult news of my grandmother’s passing, it has definitely been a week of ups and downs but I am choosing to focus on the positives. I am taking joy in life’s simple pleasures right now like feeling well enough to enjoy a weeknight dinner out with my husband and spending time on Friday night with a good friend for the first time in ages. I even spent time today visiting the animal shelter, something that always puts a smile on my face as it reminds me of when I adopted my first dog over four years ago.

The beginning of a new school year is always a time of excitement and I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can truly enjoy the experience while feeling entirely like my normal self in the very near future.

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