The Sleep-Deprived Mind (or how to convince your boss to let you nap at work)

The Sleep-Deprived Mind (or how to convince your boss to let you nap at work)

The start of this week was especially rough. Mondays get a pretty bad rap but for the most part they are pretty tolerable. Not yesterday. I’ve been battling a cold since last Thursday and while I sound way worse than I feel, by some strange combination of Nyquil nighttime cold and flu tablets and a prescription that gives me insomnia, I was pretty much a zombie after waking up.

After my alarm buzzed, I groggily made it over to the bathroom and washed my face and brushed my teeth. When I made it back to my bedroom instead of getting dressed, I climbed back into bed and set my alarm to go off 30 minutes later. Not like me at all, but it was all I could do to not just fall back asleep standing there in the middle of the room.

I really only slept about 15-20 more minutes, and it wasn’t the deep, restful slumber someone in my condition could have really benefitted from. Instead, my dogs were making a big fuss and that’s what eventually got me out of bed for a second time, as I couldn’t handle any more high-pitched whining.

Since I still am not drinking coffee regularly due to my acid reflux, I didn’t have the benefit of a morning caffeine boost when I needed it most. I seriously considered indulging nonetheless but stopped myself. The result was that I yawned practically every 30 seconds on the drive into work. I didn’t even really remember getting dressed or having breakfast, and I forgot to let my dogs out before I left. Not a great start to a brand new week.

As I was driving, I wanted to close my eyes, and frankly did keep them closed slightly longer than is probably a good idea to do while operation a 2-ton moving vehicle. My thoughts kept drifting to the future, when driverless cars become the norm, and just how wonderful it will be to nap as you get delivered from point A to point B.

My sleepiness only intensified once I was at work as I took another dose of the cold medicine, this time non-drowsy Dayquil liquid gels, but alas, the non-drowsy part was not to be. The day was extremely overcast as well, and every time I looked out the window, my desire to curl up into a ball and fall asleep shot through the roof.

I did manage to get work done somehow, and even spent a good hour and a half filling out a scholarship application late in the afternoon. I never did really perk up decently though and on my commute back home, I found myself yawning once again, seriously wishing it was already Friday evening so I could sleep in the next day.

That was my Monday. Today, I’m a little more awake (no daytime cold medication) but since it’s still pretty dreary outside, I’m dreaming of a hearty afternoon nap (or a giant latte with an extra shot). Since both of those things aren’t really in the cards for me, the best I can hope is to move around plenty and stay awake that way. Definitely a slow start to the week but it’s January, so I’m going to cut myself some slack and go to bed extra early tonight to get some extra servings of delicious ZZZ’s. Tomorrow, I’ll lobby for a napping pod. Wish me luck.

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