Self Care Saturdays are What Dreams are Made of

Self Care Saturdays are What Dreams are Made of

As of 5pm yesterday, I am officially on Christmas vacation. It almost felt like this day would never arrive. The only thing on my mind right now is some much needed self-care after a very challenging couple of months. With that in mind, my first full vacation day was a smashing success.

I woke up this morning plenty early due to some insomnia. I didn’t let my earlier than usual morning bring me down though. Why not? There was a beautiful wintery scene out my window to wake up to. Overnight we had about half an inch of snow. The grass was stiff with ice, and the only thing breaking up the white mantle was the tiny tracks of my dog’s paws when I took them outside first thing.

Pretty soon thereafter I settled into my basement with a cup of coffee and enjoyed chatting with my husband who had the morning off. It was so nice to both be home at the same time on a Saturday morning. After our coffee, I went upstairs and made us a quick egg sandwich and then chatted some more in our living room as we ate, dogs nuzzled up against me.

My husband poured himself a second cup of coffee and we ended up back in the basement, this time both of us doing our own thing, he on the computer and me coloring in my new coloring book. What a delightfully pleasant way to spend the morning when you don’t have anywhere to be and can wholeheartedly lose yourself in the moment.

The afternoon was equally pleasant. After my husband left for work, I resumed my coloring and after spending some time playing computer games, I felt myself getting quite drowsy. Instead of fighting it, I gave in to the desire for sleep and ended up taking a very delicious nap for close to two hours. After waking up, I ate some lunch and watched a little TV before taking up with my coloring book once more.

The only productive thing I have done today is do a load of laundry. That’s it. Every other moment has been lounging at its finest. I like this new winter vacation tradition of complete and utter relaxation. There will be some things to get done for sure before the New Year but for right now I’m content with having R&R as my only goal.

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