And the Oscar for Best Use of a Sunday Night Goes To…

And the Oscar for Best Use of a Sunday Night Goes To…

I didn’t realize until about two hours ago that tonight was the Academy awards. I’m not one to turn down a red carpet look at the glittering dresses and over sized precious jewels so when I saw it on my TV channel guide I tuned in.

All the inane chatter by the commentators made for a pretty annoying viewing experience and in the 15 minutes or so I watched I only managed to see a handful of celebrities. I’m not really used to watching commercials anymore either so sitting through each one, particularly when they are as long as the TV segment you’re actually watching is rather frustrating. Eventually I gave up, shut off the TV and went back to reading an article on my phone.

Just a short while ago, I received a text about whether I was going to watch the big show by a girlfriend. I said I really didn’t have plans to, after all I didn’t even know that it was going to be on tonight. She convinced me to record it, so I’m doing that as I write. I just can’t imagine sitting through an entire two or three hour program (with commercials) for the sake of finding out who won the best costume designer award.

Life is all about priorities and someone like my girlfriend clearly is going to enjoy her evening of trying to guess which actor is taking home an award. That is absolutely fine if you don’t mind spending your evening doing that. I sort of do. My time is already so limited that spending three hours watching television on Sunday night, precisely before the workweek is about to begin just seems like a really poor use of my time.

Now, it’s not actually wrong. Like I said, plenty of people end the weekend sitting in front of the TV, maybe even nursing a glass of wine. I’m not some kind of TV hater, I just have so many different things that draw my attention and TV happens to be fairly low on that list. The added benefit is that since I watch such little television, I am able to devote my time to the projects that are truly important to me (even if all that is going to bed early).

With that being said, I’m still looking forward to the red carpet slideshow featuring all the celebrity dresses tomorrow morning (the best part of any award show)! Happy viewing or not 🙂

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