Why Managing Your Energy is the Key to a Weekend that Rocks

Why Managing Your Energy is the Key to a Weekend that Rocks

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Friday nights. Mostly love because I’m usually off work and it typically means the weekend has officially started. There are few feelings as wonderful as when you pull away from the parking lot Friday evening, knowing that you are home free for the next blessed 48 hours. It’s a time of possibilities; each weekend laying out in front of you like the most brilliant rainbow, at the end a plethora of fun activities to transform your week.

The tiny bone I have to pick with Friday nights has more to do with me and my failure to anticipate my needs after the end of a long week. Friday nights seem like the perfect time to break free from the constraints of work and start the weekend off right. So I typically schedule a great deal of events, whether attending an orchestral concert or drinks with friends for Friday evening. This also happens to be the time that I am typically at my most tired each week. Do you see a problem?

In my desire to capitalize on as many ‘free’ evenings as possible, especially where I don’t have to be up the next day to get into work, I willingly put myself in situations where I’m not readily enjoying myself due to sheer exhaustion. The issue is that even knowing this is a repeat pattern, in the moment I don’t think twice before accepting an invitation to go bowling or take in a movie.

Now, thankfully I’m not  falling asleep during these outings and I do enjoy myself; it just makes the weekend recovery time a little bit harder because I’m essentially putting off rest and relaxation for Saturday morning at the earliest. Since I live in a suburb off of a main city, often times it means I stay late on Friday nights at work so I can go straight from work to whatever activity is taking place later that night.

Last night was the first Friday night in a while where I actually had a relaxing evening at home and I actually was in bed by 10. While I’m extremely grateful to be able to go out with friends at the end of a busy week, sometimes a quiet night at home is exactly what you need.

I’m not giving up my Friday nights to Netflix marathons and takeout any time soon, but it’s definitely worth being more mindful of my energy levels at any given time. Something low key might work out just to kick off the weekend while a commitment of three or four hours might just be too much when all I want to do is relax. I think Friday night couples massages followed by a glass of wine might just be the winning combination of fun and relaxation I need in my life.

How do you like to kick off the weekend?

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