Learn How to Extract the Beauty in a Hectic Month

Learn How to Extract the Beauty in a Hectic Month

Happy Easter!! I’m in complete awe of how quickly April is upon us. I only pulled out my Easter decorations last weekend, the holiday just sort of snuck up on me. I don’t know that I’m going to put them all away after tomorrow, I think I want a little more time enjoying all the pastel glittery goodness that has invaded my home.

This year March Madness describes more than a college basketball tournament. It’s pretty much been my life these last couple of weeks. I use an old school planner to keep track of deadlines, meetings and appointments. As I was updating it today for the coming week, I took a second to take a deep breath and reflect on the many things that filled my days this past month.

I started and then dropped a course on college teaching I was really looking forward to. After one technically fraught online session, where I had to move constantly to get a better WiFi signal, I had enough. I may have wanted to take the class but I knew that my learning style with that kind of class format was just not going to cut it. So I cut my losses and knew it was the right decision when I didn’t even think about the class again for the rest of the month.

I also revised a manuscript I’ve been working on for months at least six or seven times alone in March. After working on figures and a never ending stream of citations, I ended up having to cut a great deal of what I had written because I went over the word limit. I finally submitted it this morning and with a great sense of accomplishment also came a palpable sense of relief.

I took two day trips, went to a free Brahms concerto, saw the new Black Panther movie, got dinner with friends at least once a week, applied for two or three different scholarships, sent Easter cards to dear friends and family, organized my desk and ate many gourmet meals lovingly prepared by my husband. Tomorrow I’m going to brunch with a big group of friends and later in the afternoon taking a well-deserved nap. Good bye March, it’s been swell.

Wishing all of you a relaxing Easter and productive April 🙂

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