It’s Thursday and so far this week is awesome

It’s Thursday and so far this week is awesome

This has been an awesome week. I have had such a bout of productivity thanks to some intense focus that seemed to come out of nowhere. Well I have some idea, because I tried something slightly different this week and that is scheduling out my day. It seems so basic that I’m going to write a whole separate post about it because I’m kind of in shock as to how such a simple trick could work so well. On Monday I wrote down everything I planned on doing this week at work, and all of a sudden I am transitioning between tasks much more easily since I’m not having to navigate the emotional energy that comes from deciding whether to start a particular task at 4pm or just call it a day. Is it on my schedule? Then get to it I say. Unbelievable.

I have also done some writing every single day this week so far which I’m so proud of. It’s not only incredibly relaxing and puts me in a good mood but it just makes me feel like a much more complete human being. And since I’m writing I haven’t been doing other things like watching TV as much, which is definitely something that makes me feel good. Reading more and writing are just two of my goals for 2017, now if I can get back into my exercise streak I will be unstoppable (not really, I’m out of shape, hence the need for exercise).

I am also looking forward to this weekend, even if I am working in on Saturday for a bit. It will be great to finally have some time with my husband who has been working late all of this week and was doing all sorts of studying for a Poli Sci exam. I envision a nice brunch, planting more of my seeds for my vegetable garden and loads of House of Cards binge watching (you know to make up for the little TV during the week), my new favorite show. I can’t get enough Kevin Spacey in my life.

What do you have planned for the weekend?

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