Is it summer yet?

Is it summer yet?

I’m happy to say I’m back after a brief blog hiatus and what’s been an odd whirlwind week. I’m not quite fully recovered from the intense pace I’ve been keeping, and coupled with a terrible lack of quality sleep, I’m definitely dragging. Part of me feels like a 3-day weekend is just what I need but since sleeping in appears to not be in the cards, it seems rather pointless to take the time off.

Most of my exhaustion is coming from poor sleep but a part of it has to do with just not having enough time for myself. I had an event scheduled every single night during the workweek which culminated in giving my students their third exam this past Thursday. That kept me at work until almost 10 pm, making for a 13 hour workday. Even with not being at work until 11 am on Friday, I could barely keep my eyes open in the afternoon, regardless of how much coffee I consumed.

Too many responsibilities and commitments and not enough free time to just unwind is not a healthy place to be, and so I’m looking forward to this upcoming week where most of my evenings are free. I’m at least grateful that I didn’t put pressure on myself to keep up with everything else as work demanded so much of my attention. I’ve learned that being flexible and not punishing me or feeling guilty for coming home, taking a shower and crawling into bed after a long day is the only way to sustain this kind of schedule for any length of time.

I’m now more than ever looking forward to the start of summer, where the majority of my meetings, classes along with my teaching responsibilities will disappear. It’s a time to truly focus on doing one or two things really well each day while spending as much time as possible enjoying the nice weather with family and friends. I’m also celebrating a milestone birthday this year, so I’ve got additional reasons to celebrate this summer.

Cheers to a season with less work and long nights spent in the glow of fireflies.

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