Independence Day Weekend – I think I’m ready for you

Independence Day Weekend – I think I’m ready for you

Happy July!! I can’t believe the weekend is almost halfway over. It’s really flown by. I’m getting things ready for my annual 4th of July BBQ tomorrow, celebrating a bit early since the holiday is on Tuesday. I went to three grocery stores today, three! I can barely stand to go to one most weeks so this has been quite the adventure. I didn’t really mean to leave everything to the last minute but haven’t had a whole lot of motivation this week. Luckily my husband is home the entire weekend so he accompanied me in all of the pre-party errands. The weather is supposed to be nice so hopefully we can enjoy our backyard with our guests instead of being cooped in the house like last year.

We’re serving chicken and vegetable skewers and tri-tip as the main dishes plus all sorts of delicious picnic sides plus some adorable red, white and blue cupcakes for dessert. I’m also making my favorite sangria for the occasion, which I’m really looking forward to drinking tomorrow. I also bought all sorts of sparklers and poppers for an extra festive atmosphere. I’m hoping that by tomorrow my foot feels better; it’s been hurting since my trip to the zoo in early June, and with the running around today getting everything it hurts to put any sort of weight on it.

I’m not just running around the store either. My first 5K is three days away. I’m excited but mostly nervous at this point. I have been training at least three times a week for the last few weeks but with my foot hurting it’s been at a much slower pace than I would have liked. I just never thought that I would do something like a race of any sort. When I think about doing it, it’s as if it’s some other person I am envisioning, not me. I used to try to any excuse for getting out of running around the track in high school PE class, and it took me the entire semester for me to finally jog an entire mile without stopping. I really thought I was destined for a mostly sedentary life with the occasional exercise because that’s all I ever asked of myself. Running is definitely out of my comfort zone but it’s starting to feel more and more like something that could be a long-term part of my life not just a passing fad. Let’s see after Tuesday 🙂





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