Why I’m so Excited to Implement the 90% Rule

Why I’m so Excited to Implement the 90% Rule

Do you ever run across an article that completely changes the way you look at things? That’s what happened to me yesterday after I read an article about time management from author Greg McKeown’s book, Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less.

I wasn’t familiar with this book but immediately ordered it after reading about Greg’s 90% rule, where you rank opportunities from 0 to 100 and only commit to pursuing the ones that rank 90 or higher on your list.

While we’re all constantly evaluating what is important and how we spend (or want) to spend our time, it can be incredibly difficult to prioritize competing opportunities. Is attending happy hour every week positive for your career prospects, or would go home and having the entire evening to relax and unwind be a better use of your time?

I know if I take a peek at a typical week’s worth of emails, I’m asked to participate in different committees, read certain articles, attend seminars or meet for coffee with the people I mentor. I have certain recurring things on my calendar that if I really think hard about aren’t necessarily adding a great deal of value to my life.

Using the 90% approach going forward I believe it will be easier to weed out those time suckers that seem like a good idea on the surface but ultimately do little more than waste precious time. The benefit will probably be better work-life balance and an added productivity boost as I expend less mental energy on the things that really don’t matter in the long run.

I just love new life hacks. What’s your favorite way to hack your time and energy?

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