How I Rediscovered The Secret Joy of Mindlessness

How I Rediscovered The Secret Joy of Mindlessness

Yes, you read that right. Mindlessness, not to be confused with mindfulness, although I do think that the two are related. I actually didn’t realize how badly I needed some mindlessness in my life until last Saturday night when I rediscovered a casino game that came preloaded on my computer. For perspective, prior to this past weekend, I had a total of 21 sessions playing this game in the span of 365 days according to my user log. Well in the last five days, I have played it every single night for anywhere from 15 minutes, to I think close to two hours this past Saturday. Definitely not my typical evening routine but it has actually been a positive thing.

I typically don’t play games on the computer, and with the exception of Twitter where I share articles I’ve read, I don’t really spend a whole lot of time on social media either. If my laptop is open, I am usually working in one form or another. I have exactly one game loaded on my phone, Bakery Story, which I play from time to time. Some might see this as an accomplishment and while this kind of set up does enable me to get a lot done, my goal in sharing is to paint the picture that playing a slot machine game on the computer is way out of the norm for me, yet I have been freaking loving it. It’s been the thing I didn’t know I needed.

Playing this game has offered me a chance to mentally escape and just be in the moment. I didn’t realize how much time I’ve been spending coming up with new article ideas, blog posts, or planning out the logistics of upcoming events, even late at night. I am fairly diligent in having a restorative evening routine but while I may become physically more relaxed once I have my peppermint tea in hand, mentally I’ve been having a much harder time letting go. My usual go to’s of journal writing and reading are still very much a part of my evening but the last few weeks in a much more haphazard way. Endless ruminations have been robbing me of the chance to truly unwind and as a result I have been feeling much more haggard and unmotivated. And for some reason, it took playing this one little game to break free from the constant cycle of thinking (and overthinking). It’s rather astonishing really.

I’m not trying to start a nightly streak of computer gaming but I also don’t want to ignore the very soothing effect this has been having on me and just abandon it entirely to stick with my usual routine. I’m being mindful of the effects of adding a little mindlessness in my life. Free your mind and the rest will follow right?

PS: Speaking of streaks, you can now find me on, an online community for sharing personal goals and getting help with accountability. I have shared my goals and have been ‘checking’ in with my daily progress. Follow me there and if you’re interested in being coached with your career, personal growth or daily positive habits, don’t hesitate to send me a shout out there or on here, I’d love to hear from you!

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