Got Exercise Clothes, Will Trade for Actual Exercise

Got Exercise Clothes, Will Trade for Actual Exercise

I woke up with more energy than usual after getting a fairly decent night’s sleep last night. I’ve been trying to get back in the groove of regular exercise since lately it’s been a bit hit and miss. I put on my brand new super cool gray leggings with geometric glow-in-the dark print on the sides and a bold, sky blue workout tank to get myself in the spirit. I was all set to get out the door when my husband came down the stairs and poured himself a cup of coffee. Pretty soon I was joining him for my second cup and the notion of exercising got pushed further back in my mind.

So I didn’t work out in the morning. Not a big deal. It was pretty gloomy and humid anyway so it was probably better I stayed home a bit later enjoying my morning instead of heading out or so I told myself. I was still dressed for the gym and since I didn’t have any meetings or professional commitments today, I went to work without changing.

At that point, I settled on going to the gym after work. I was going to do a double session, hit the elliptical; do a bit of cross-training, lift a few weights. I wondered if they offer barre at the gym. Everything was looking pretty good for working out then my enthusiasm quickly waned after a jaunt over to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription, where I got caught in a rain shower. Once I got back to work, wet and freshly irritated, the idea of doing anything remotely difficult to cap off the day was utterly unpleasant.

When my husband rang to ask me what time I was planning on leaving work since he was already making dinner (bless him), it was all of five minutes before I was heading home. When I got home, I did manage to take my dogs out for a brief walk, but with the exception of that walk and my earlier one to the pharmacy, that’s about all the exercise I got in today.

I felt pretty bummed that I didn’t follow through on my exercise plan for the day until about an hour ago when it hit me that while my traditional exercise didn’t quite happen, I still managed to go on two walks. I could have taken the bus to the pharmacy (really should have since it was thundering) but I chose to walk instead. It has just become a habit if a place is nearby to try to walk there instead of driving, or taking some other mode of transportation.

Having an extremely narrow focus of what a ‘successful’ workout looks like is only adding unnecessary angst to something that isn’t already the most fun part of the day. It’s true that the more sporadic a particular activity is, the harder it can be to take it seriously and actually commit. Exercising in the afternoon is particularly challenging because like most people who go into work in the morning, I’m pretty depleted by then. Morning exercise has always been a much better choice but when you’re not sleeping that great, the idea of going first thing is also daunting. What does that leave you? Any damn exercise is good exercise, whether wrangling with your two year old, chasing after your dog, or choosing to walk or bike to work instead of driving the entire way.

Being inflexible about how one workouts is a completely unnecessary exercise (ha)! Plus, this means you have even more places and opportunities to wear colorful athletic outfits, and if that isn’t what’s really important, I’m not sure what is.


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