Flood Waters – A Weeks Worth of Stress in 24 Hours

Flood Waters – A Weeks Worth of Stress in 24 Hours

So it’s been an interesting 24 hours. We have had pretty intense rain since early Tuesday morning. The rain wasn’t bothering me too much because it ushered in nicer weather; from below freezing temperatures to 65 degrees. I ran an errand before work yesterday and I literally walked out of my car wearing only a t-shirt.

The nicer than average February weather took a turn as the humidity kept rising. I have asthma so by the time I got to work, the temperature and humidity changes were messing with my ability to take a nice, deep breath. Used inhaler, got back to work.

I didn’t have to step outside the entire day so was blissfully unaware of the torrential downpour taking place. At the end of the workday, I was due to meet with a girlfriend for a cup of tea and as soon as I stepped outside the building into the freezing cold rain, it hit me. Umbrella? Not so much, I left that in the mudroom back home after distinctly looking at it and telling myself to make a mental note of bringing it inside the car with me. Did that happen? Nope. Luckily I was wearing my waterproof trench coat which has a hood so I was spared the major water assault on my clothes.

Tea was fine, went to a brand new place my friend suggested. Played Jenga while we chatted over our boba (that tapioca stuff is so chewy, took forever to swallow a single one). I drove my friend back to work and then headed home underneath a heavy blanket of rain.

Once I finally made it home, I immediately suffered an allergy attack. I’m not sure if my overly excited dogs jumping up and down the moment I walked in the door triggered it, but literally within three minutes of arriving, I was in search of a prescription bottle of allergy medication because my eyes were itching and watering terribly, and I was getting extremely stuffed up.

Cue to about an hour and a half later, where my husband and I were wrestling with our sump pump hoses in the backyard, stuffing them inside a makeshift PVC pipe tunnel so the water would drain unto the street. All the while the rain kept pouring and the wind thrashed all around us, turning my umbrella inside out more than once.

Finally I was able to take a hot shower after an incredibly difficult day and didn’t stay up much longer. I was sound asleep when my husband woke me up to the lovely phrase ‘’the basement flooded’’. Umm, not good. I immediately put on a robe and went downstairs to see the damage first hand. It’s a completely surreal experience to see the otherwise normal basement I had been sitting in, doing the crossword just a few hours earlier, suddenly covered with half a foot of water. Ice cold water.

The immediate concern was unplugging everything and moving anything valuable or fragile upstairs. Then my husband and I spent the next 45 minutes or so filling buckets and taking them upstairs, dumping them in our bathtub (needless to say the bathtub took on a gritty mud run look to it).

Once we realized just how futile our efforts were, my husband was on the phone trying to find an all-night plumber and I was calling our insurance company to file a claim. All the while I was still wading through the chilly waters in my pajamas. I finally went back to bed close to 3am. Luckily I was able to fall asleep quickly, even if the chill in my feet never quite went away despite putting on my warmest socks.

It was bright and early morning the next day; the plumber thankfully arrived just after 8 to install a new sump pump. By morning the rain waters stopped and the water in the basement had been pumped out by the only sump pump that was actually working. Everything was just damp and outside I had freezing rain to scrape off my windshield as a special treat. What a night I kept saying to myself on my drive to work.

What a hectic 24 hours it’s been;temperature switches from mid-60’s to below freezing and a flooded basement for an extra fun start to the week. I’m still recovering. The interrupted sleep from flood night is still affecting me so I’m especially lethargic but at least the rain is over for now. I can’t even begin to imagine what the people in Houston and Florida last year went through when the floor waters started rising higher and higher. Even just a few inches are stressful.

Fingers crossed the rest of winter brings less intense weather, and the week returns to some degree of normalcy. I just want a nap.

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