Breakfast in America – A Lesson in Supporting an Overachieving Spouse

Breakfast in America – A Lesson in Supporting an Overachieving Spouse

Read on for guest post from my loving and supportive husband.

As the husband of a rather industrious and high achieving wife I have found that some of the best ways to offer support is with simple gestures. Simple things, in this case, really do mean a lot; they can make a huge difference in how your relationship thrives.

When I go to the store and get groceries — a rarity for me — I try to make certain I get something just for her. Reese’s peanut butter cups are among her favorite candies, so I pick one up for her almost every time. The squeal of joy I get when she opens the refrigerator and sees it is reward enough, but the hug and kiss that follows is even better. It’s this sort of simple gesture that lets her know I appreciate her and all she does — and she does a lot.

Today, even though I had work and she did not, it was me that made breakfast. It wasn’t elaborate. It was simple: Eggs with scallions and cream cheese, country fried potatoes and coffee. Admittedly, she made the coffee. But I poured it, preparing it with the perfect amount of sugar and cream so it was just how she liked it.

Then we sat and ate together, talking about nonsense and various things of import.

It wasn’t a lot. It didn’t take a lot of my time. The effort was minimal. But it got her off to a good start — got us off to a good start. After all was said and done I gave her a kiss, told her I loved her and headed to work. My reward was a happy wife and a text telling me how much she enjoyed our morning together. When I got home I was regaled with all the things she managed to do today; and I have no idea how she managed it. All I know is I got her started and she never looked back.

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