The Best Way to Spend Five Dollars

The Best Way to Spend Five Dollars

I’m a coffeeholic. I absolutely love the stuff. When I received the news that I had terrible acid-reflux and would have to stop eating and drinking highly acidic foods, the only thing that I thought about was how the heck I was going to live my life without coffee. I did though, for six whole months! Six months where not a single drop of coffee grazed my lips.

It was a hard six months. Since my acid-reflux has been better managed, I began drinking coffee once again and how sweet it’s been (no pun intended).  I cannot think of a better way to start a day then with a hot cup of coffee, sitting on my couch or when the weather is nicer, enjoying my latte on the porch swing. Simply put, coffee is the best. Not only does it give me energy, it is one of the most soothing things in my life because of its highly ritualistic nature.

My morning cup of coffee is frankly one of the highlights of my day, and while I do enjoy making it at home, I completely get why Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts are so popular. There are countless articles about how to save money and usually the first thing they mention is cutting out your Grande non-fat extra whip mocha latte.  I’m not suggesting that cutting out a daily coffee habit won’t save you money. You can do all sorts of calculations about how much more money you’ll have at the end of the month simply by drinking coffee at home, or switching to water instead.

While a coffee habit might seem frivolous, if it makes you really happy is it really worth giving up? Same for manicures and pedicures, massages, Netflix, or any of the many things that bring people joy. Viewing any of these things as an expendable luxury really misses the point. It’s not a luxury to do things that make you happy. Are there times when it’s incredibly difficult to do so because of personal or outside circumstances? Absolutely. But somehow spinning that all your economic problems will be solved because you managed to abstain from purchasing coffee is a rather silly thing to do.

So get your specialty coffee, or anything else that makes life just a little more enjoyable and relish in the best use of five dollars: buying a bit of happiness.

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