Beginning of the Week Fails (and some Successes)

Beginning of the Week Fails (and some Successes)

It’s only Tuesday and I’m already ready for the weekend to get here (although I have experiments running on the weekend so don’t know how much of a break I’m really going to be getting). I haven’t felt that great the last two days and I’m not sure if I’m having some kind of flare up from the GI condition that has been affecting me since the summer or if it’s my allergies or a cold coming on that have me not feeling quite like myself. Needless to say, it’s been a struggle and the intense pace has not been helping.

I woke up in the middle of the night on Monday realizing that I had double booked myself for an appointment later that day to receive the feedback for my in classroom observation from last week. They were very understanding and we moved the meeting to later in the afternoon but it meant that I had another thing on my plate rather than the single appointment as I had planned.

This is not the first time this has happened in the last few weeks so I made it a point to actually go through my email and literally transfer all of the appointments/meetings/deadlines I could find to my calendar rather than hoping I would get to them all later. This tactic has not been working very well for me, as I honestly always have relied on remembering where I need to be at a certain time rather well. This is the first time in my life where the amount of work responsibilities and places I need to be is more than my brain can handle so I am still working out the kinks. The mix of analog and digital technologies in keeping track of everything at this point is not helping so that is something I am going to actively work on.

I also figured out I double-booked myself today after agreeing to attend a seminar when I was already scheduled to attend a teaching workshop. No fun. There are more things that I want to do than hours in the day right now which is kind of a good problem to have but it doesn’t ease the stress levels any.

One thing that has been easing my stress levels has been doing the NY Times crossword puzzle. I recently got into doing this and after completing my first one a few months ago. Its been rather therapeutic to put my mental energy into figuring out clues rather than how I am going to fit all the work I have and want to do into a finite period of time. I have now completed three puzzles (with the help of my husband for some of them) and every time it’s just so darn satisfying.

I literally start doing them on the bus during the second part of my commute and leave the crossword open at my desk so if I need a break, it’s right there for me to take a peek at and try to figure out another clue. It’s also quite enjoyable to bring the newspaper home at the end of the day and try to work on the remaining clues with my husband by my side. It’s amazing how he just knows some of the very answers that I have been struggling to come up with the entire day.  Kind of like when we do puzzles, the whole thing brings us closer together.

To recap the first 48 hours of the week: double-booked myself twice, stress level high, organizational failures coupled with feeling not so great and crossword to save the day. At least I wrote in my journal this morning before heading into work so I’ll add that to the win column. Here’s looking to the rest of the week.



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