Bedtime: My New Favorite Daily Challenge

Bedtime: My New Favorite Daily Challenge

Oh what a joy it has been this week to get some much needed deep sleep. I woke up this morning at 11:30 am, which is something I haven’t done in I don’t know how long. Previously I wrote about considering having a bedtime and this week was the closest I have come to achieving that.

I now fully realize that I am not 100% up to par if I don’t sleep at least eight and a half hours, closer to nine preferably each and every night. Even though I haven’t drunk coffee in close to two months, I am not waking up feeling as dead as a zombie. I have a decent amount of energy in the mornings which is somewhat shocking as I really did believe that the only way I was surviving was through the multiple caffeine infusions I was giving myself every day.

Zero caffeine plus close to nine hours of sleep every night seems to be working really well for me. It also helps that I’m slowly training my body to get sleepy earlier by doing much less fighting when the urge to go to bed strikes. I am also communicating my goal of going to bed earlier to my husband so that he is less likely to want to start watching a movie with me at midnight.

It’s not exactly the easiest thing but I am grateful for making some headway on getting to bed earlier. The trade off has been my evening routine getting shorter so even though I am technically losing out on time that I would normally be awake, I am mostly losing out on that extra episode of Friends on Netflix.

I have also been extra diligent about not spending any time on my phone once I do get in bed. While I’m usually pretty good at this, I have been sucked into a vortex of reading articles on Flipboard or going through a slideshow of celebrities wearing the latest red carpet fashion on more than one occasion. Instead I have been plugging my phone right away and after setting my alarm, applying some calming lavender and sage night balm to my forehead and temples and then immediately turning my light off.

It’s a small change but I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can maintain my willpower and continue getting the amount of sleep I know I need to be a functioning human being, with an extra nap or two thrown in.

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