3 Ways to Stress-Proof Your Next Flight

3 Ways to Stress-Proof Your Next Flight

Recently I read an article about the top 7 gadgets you need to travel like a pro and arrive at your destination completely rested and ready to go. I love the idea of arriving at an airport after a long flight the way you see celebrities arriving, without a hair out of place, and in towering heels to boot. Maybe if I bought the BOSE noise-canceling headphones for over $200, or the Retimer glasses which will gradually change the amount of light my eyes are exposed to in order to curb jet lab, I too could walk out of LAX looking like Miranda Kerr. Here are some useful travel tips (all much less than $200) to avoid being one of the many harried humans in the great sardine can in the sky.

Bring snacks. This seem pretty obvious. Airport food is expensive, plane food is not particularly good, and that is if you even manage to generate enough sympathy from a flight attendant for a bag of peanuts. I have a subscription to Graze, so I will bring a long those snacks plus some granola bars in a big Ziploc bag inside my carry-on and this usually will tide me over during my flight. Do buy some water. Staying hydrated will really help minimize fatigue from all that sitting.

Get some shuteye. If you are anything like me, you need complete darkness to be able to fall asleep, and nothing makes a flight go by faster than entering the subconscious zone. I bring a sleep mask to ensure that regardless of whether everyone on the 7am flight decides to study cloud formations during the duration of the flight, I can still fall asleep unlike that screaming baby in 24C. Also neck pillows are your friend. A few years ago when I was doing a lot of flying, I use to bring a full-fledged pillow on board to help me fall asleep, but with a neck pillow and a sleep mask, I can almost ensure I will clonk out even before the first veiled threat to turn off all electronics. Also, keep these items in your suitcase in between trips, so they are right there, ready to go when you are.

Plan for boredom. Ever notice how the really industrious parents have all sorts of toys and books for their children on planes? You may not be prone to outbursts at 37,000 feet, but flying is boring. Especially if you are lucky enough to do it frequently. I always bring 2-3 books with me, and a magazine so I can switch depending on my mood. Coloring books are good choices as well, and any device that allows you to listen to music, or watch a movie. If I have a long layover, I also like to use that time to catch up with friends I haven’t talked to in a while. When you are doing something you enjoy, and can get absorbed in, like a good book, time will feel like it’s going by faster, and before you know it, you will have reached your destination feeling, and maybe looking a little more like Miranda Kerr (you drank all that rejuvenating water remember?)

Happy Flying!



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